Dr John Teh- Director/ Integrative Medicine & Health Advisor

An avid Organic Farmer and permerculture expert natural health enhancement has always been a top personal priority for Dr Teh.  Coming from a surgical family Dr Teh has also settled within the surgical fields as assistant surgeon to many surgical specialities.  Working within the Surgical industry for the past 15years Dr Teh aimed to produce a product that could work as preventative health measure with the aim of clients becoming proactive in their and their families health. “It’s about Full Health” Dr Teh

Chloe Jean- Director/ Operation Manager

With a passion for animals and a strong belief in natural and herbal remedies in conjunction with medical treatment was the basis in which Chloe founded a post operative care and racehorse rehabilitation facility outside of Sydney.  Seeing time and time again the  reduced treatment time, reduced serenity of illness and increase healing when animals were treated with natural plant based products in conjunction with medical treatment.  This was the basis for Dr Teh’s Pet Products. Now working full time in the product formulation, development and business management of Dr Teh’s Turmeric Elixir and pet products.    ” prevention is better then a cure and its exciting to work with natural products that you can see work on our patients and that keep the whole family healthy” Chloe Jean 


Amma Organic is located Bordering on Wollumbin National park with beautiful Mount Warning out the window, our land is immersed in the pure rainforest and pure rain water of the regions. AMMA ORGANIC follows the songlines of Country and sings them with pure intention for the greater good of the Earth and Humanity.

Our Property AMMA ORGANIC is a life affirming, family owned company based at the foot of Mount Warning, Australia. We are organic certified, and our products made with love, designed to enhance life naturally and aid preventive health measures for all who seek our products.