We think its great and we are excited to see our clients have such individual results. 

Belinda Cook- Nth QLD “As a young person who always had to find a way to not offend friends when they wanted to go out, to a mum who has to apologise to her children for not being able to get out of bed and take them to sport, this is my life. Migraines are something that are debilitating and excruciating. From vision loss to nausea and blinding pain, this is what I had to look forward to for days and sometimes weeks at time, even hospitalisation. When suffering from this condition, the daily headache is unavoidable.

After years of doctors, naturopaths, chiropractic and physiotherapy, I had my ovaries removed as (we) all agreed my pain was coming regularly with my cycle…. My headaches soon increased with speed and tenaciousness. My next step was botox…. This has helped to some degree. The daily headaches however were still long and strong and my pain killer intake was even getting worse.

A friend of mine suggested “Dr Teh’s Tumeric Elixir”. After all the natural tablets and drinks I have taken over the years I was extremely sceptical. My friend mentioned this elixir to me a few times, so I agreed to give it a go. WELL….. I have not looked back!!! My daily headaches are gone and the change in my wellbeing is phenomenal!! I am able to be outside with my children to play, I can do all the normal things that mums and friends do.   I really did not understand myself, how much the pain was affecting me. I take two shots of Dr Teh’s Tumeric Elixir every day and I truly feel fantastic !

I have recommended this wonderful tonic to many of my friends who are finding great results just like I have. Thank you Dr Teh, it is absolutely fantastic to have my life back.”   

“I have been taking DR Teh’s turmeric elixir now for 6 months, prior to discovering this product I was having a lot of problems with very painful shoulder joints, fatigue and slow metabolism. Since taking this amazing product I have had increased mobility in my shoulders and the pain has decreased by about 80-90%. I feel less fatigued and more alert throughout the day. By taking this elixir in the morning, I have found that it has suppressed my appetite and had the added side effect of me losing weight. I cannot praise this product enough and it is worth every cent in all the benefits it has provided for me, I recommend this product to all my family and friends.”Marcus Heath- Mechanic 40 Tweed Valley

  BEFORE       AFTER   

I started taking Dr Teh’s elixir about 6 weeks ago, following the recommended dose of 25ml three times a day. The first thing I noticed was my breathing during the night, which used to be laboured because my nose was blocked, is now much easier and I breathe more freely.
The second thing is my right knee which used to become painful on longer walks is now no problem at all. 
I also have osteo arthritis in my lower spine. The main benefit of the Elixir is that whilst I still have some pain at the end of a long day, it is much less than before. I am able to walk 5km three or four times a week, and find this and my morning exercises go much more easily. Christopher Levy- Pyrmont NSW

“Im 84 and have been diagnosed with 2 leaky heart valves which I am on medication to treat, Before Dr Teh’s Turmeric Elixir I would struggle to get out of bed in the morning and have the energy to get around the house completing my chores without being out of breath.  After taking taking the Elixir after a week I have found it helped with my energy levels in the morning, allows my breathing to be less laboured and I have less fluid in my legs, I can defiantly notice the days I don’t have my turmeric Elixir!” Esme Hindmarsh- 84- Gold Coast

“At 62 I felt like I was falling apart, I had bad arthritis in one knee from a young injury, I had liver complaints that had previously been treated that would effect my digestion and general aches and pains from my job as a painter.  After taking Dr Teh’s Elixir daily for 2 weeks I noticed that my arthritis was pain free which allowed me to do my job better.  My Liver is now less sluggish when I eat foods with a lot of fat and I have not had any digestive issues such as heart burn since starting he Elixir.  I noticed my wounds health fast on the elixir and I have also reduced my blood thinning medication! Thanks Dr Teh” – Paul Ollie- 62 Uki NSW.

“We are customers from the North Sydney markets, My husband and I started using Dr. Teh’s Tumeric Elixiz a couple of months ago.  I have had arthritis for many years and my husband has bad arthritis in both knees.  Since using Dr.Teh’s we have both felt significant relief.  It is also been very helpful in digestion and has boosted our energy level.
We love the product and will certainly continue to use it daily”
Michael and Kathleen Turbott Sydney

“After being diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4 (a very serious brain tumor with only 4% of people surviving the 1st year of diagnosis) I consulted Dr Teh, an acquaintance to the family and now over the past a year a good friend. With Dr Teh’s guidance and support, and in line with my specialists’ medical treatment he put me on a Ketogenic diet and 3 times a day supplementation regime, which included Dr Teh’s Turmeric Elixir. During the early days of my chemo I went off the elixir for a week because of nausea and could feel the difference immediately. After brain surgery and having the tumor removed I struggled with my memory and noticed it improve greatly once back on Dr Teh’s Elixir. During chemo and radiation I felt the elixir helped with my energy levels and nausea. Thank you!”- Nikki Atherton 22 Mackay


Rest In Peace  Nikki Louise our Darling Girl, thank you for being a major part of our journey and all you had to contribute to the Elixir, we could not have done it without you xx