Dose, Storage & Shipping

 General Rule of dosing: 25ml 1-3 time per day

How to Take:

  • Shot it- for a Zing!
  • Add to Orange or Pineapple Juice- Turmeric Sunrise
  • Add to Warm Milk or Alternative- For a soothing night cap
  • Add to Cold Milk- Carmel Milk great for the Kids!
  • Add to Cold Soda Water- for a Refreshing Drink

Dose: We recommend 25ml 1-3 times per day.  As you can tell by the amazing colour and zesty flavour of Dr Tehs’ Turmeric Elixir we have not skimped on the active ingredients. Up to 1.5 litres per day will cause no ill effects, though we prefer to let your body tell you when is enough. As turmeric and ginger are by their nature very strong tasting, let your body lead the way with dosing….

Regularity is the key. Take daily to see maximum effects. You should aim to have a constant, regular input to ensure ongoing anti inflammatory and anti oxidant effects. Both turmeric and ginger are metabolized and excreted from the body between 48 to 72 hours post ingestion, so regularity is the key to ongoing health benefits.

 “A Teh’s a day keeps the doctor away!”

25ml is the minimum maintenance dose. You may take more if you wish. Listen to your body. I find that when a you start taking Dr Tehs’ regularly, your body will require increased initial “loading doses” for about 2 weeks, until our body reaches “saturation point”. Then you will naturally not desire as much turmeric and 25mL once or twice daily as maintenance dosing if sufficient.

Overdose on turmeric is unrecorded. Studies of ingestion of up to 12000mg of curcumin, an equivalent of 600g whole turmeric root, have no ill effects- This is equivalent to approximately 1.5L of Dr Tehs’ Turmeric Elixir per day.

Storage: For best benefits and maximum shelf life we suggest keeping your Elixir refrigerated at all times.  Please note that we sell our product snap frozen for maximum freshness from our Farm to yours.  For our bulk buying clients we suggest that you keep all bottles snap frozen until needed, then defrost one bottle as a time as required.  Please note in bottle fermentation may occur of the product if the Elixir if left in room temperature.   Just like Komucha and Keffir in bottle fermentation is a good thing however may change the flavour of the Elixir slightly.

Shipping: We ship Australia wide using cold packaging and Dry Ice packs.  Upon your order arriving refreeze your Elixir as soon as you have received them and only keep the one you plan on using in the refrigerator.  As our elixir is denser then water and contains a large percentage of plant based oils the product may thaw faster. With honey as the natural preservative the product will not be affected if this should occur.   We have packaged the product with reusable dry ice packs and cool packaging and please reuse or recycle, mother nature will appreciate your thoughtfulness 🙂