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servings, storage & suggestions

  • What is the suggested servings per day?
    We recommend 25ml 1-4 times per day. As you can tell by the amazing colour and zesty flavour of Dr Tehs’ Turmeric Elixir we have not skimped on the active ingredients. There is 40 serves per 1 litre bottle and each litre contains 1kg of whole root product.
  • What is the Elixir Shelf Life?
    The Elixir has a best before life of 4 weeks once opened and when refridgerated. After 4 week date slow in bottle fermentation may occur slowly due to the fridge temperature. Please note accelerated in bottle fermentation will occur if the Elixir if left in room temperature or warmer for 4+ days or weeks at a time. Just like Komucha and Keffir in bottle fermentation is a good thing however may change the flavour of the Elixir slightly.
  • Serving Suggestions, Can I make beverages with my Elixir Shot? "
    We suggest for best health benefits that you take your Elixir, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, it has a lovely flavor however for those who prefer to hide that flavour or disguise it for the kids, we suggest adding to a small amount of orange juice. It does make a lovely beverage just add 25ml shot per 250ml of liquid. Shot it- for a Zing! Add to Orange or Pineapple Juice- Turmeric Sunrise Add to Cold Soda Water- for a Refreshing Drink Add to Cold Milk- Carmel Milk great for the Kids! Add to Warm Milk or Alternative- For a soothing night cap NOTE: Heat milk prior to adding shot, aim to add shot just prior to serving to keep the active ingredients from being overheated and denatured
  • How many servings can I have?
    Take daily to see maximum effects. You should aim to have a constant, regular input. Both turmeric and ginger are metabolized and excreted from the body between 48 to 72 hours post ingestion, so regularity is the key to ongoing health benefits. 25ml is the minimum maintenance dose. You may take more if you wish. Listen to your body, we find that when a you start taking Dr Tehs’ regularly, your body will require increased initial “loading doses” for about 2 weeks, until our body reaches “saturation point”. Then you will naturally not desire as much turmeric and 25mL once or twice daily as maintenance dosing if sufficient.
  • Shipping? How do I get product?
    We ship Australia wide using cold packaging and Dry Ice packs and costs will be calculated at the checkout. As our product is snap frozen upon juicing we ship in cold packaging. We have packaged your product with reusable dry ice packs and cool packaging and please reuse or recycle, mother nature will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Upon your order arriving refreeze your excess Elixir bottes as soon as you have received them and only keep the one you plan on using in the refrigerator. As our elixir is denser then water and contains a large percentage of plant based oils the product may thaw faster. With honey as the natural preservative the product will not be affected if this should occur. The Elixir is able to be kept in room tempature for hours at a time, refridgeration is suggested to give mamximum shelf life of product.
  • Why choose cold pressed whole root turmeric juice over Tablet and powder form?
    Unlike tablets and powder that are usually heat treated (denaturing the active ingredients) during processing, or powders and tablets that have focused on isolated extracts of the tumeric root or root extracts Curcmin 1-3. Isolates and extracts are harder for the body to absorb or use effectivally. Dr Teh’s elixir has the benefits of whole plant extract which gives your body Curcumin (curcumin I), demethoxycurcumin (curcumin II), bisdemethoxycurcumin (curcumin III), Turmerone, Turmeric Oils and another 230 other health enhancing compounds that make up the whole turmeric root. Known as the entourage effect where maximum absorption is available to the body because all plant compounds are present and therefor easily abosorbed. Whole Plant Extract is Best!
  • Why Oana (orange) Turmeric over Indian (yellow) Turmeric
    We will let the numbers do the talking here, as our aim to give you the most potent immune boosting and health enhancing ingredients to our Elixir. Oana Turmeric has more health bang for your buck!
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