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Large Pet Symptom Relief

Large Pet Symptom Relief


Dr Teh’s Symptom Relief- Cold Pressed Whole Root Turmeric Juice, Whole Root Ginger Juice, Omega 3,6 and 9 oils, Ceylon Cinnamon, small amount of Pepper and Honey. 


Liquid Concerntrate and super strong, designed for pets with serve illness, ageing, inflammation and disease. 

0.5ml- 1ml per 10 kg bodyweight, garanteed to see results if given daily. 

250ml= 250 x 10kg serves or 82 x 30kg serves 

  • Designed for pets with serve illness, disease, cancer, ageing,  severe skin conditions and inflammation conditions of any kind.  Liquid concentrate and super strong, pets need 0.5ml-1ml per 10kg administered via mouth daily. You can reduce your dose to half dose once you are seeing results in your pets health.  


    250ml= 5250 x 10kg serves or 82 x 30kg serves

    Store in the fridge, sold with syringe for mouth adminstration, 6 months self life on product.

  • We ship all over Australia and dispatch within 2 days of purchase or add it to your Dr Teh's Elixir order . Depending on location, products will arrive same or next business day. Our Symptom Relief is shipped frozen, in cold packaging along with dry ice packs. 

    Note: Cold Products are only shipped Monday to Thursday as we dont want any holds up in your delievery over the weekend. 

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