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Small Pet Preventive Health- Turmeric Flakes 50gr

Small Pet Preventive Health- Turmeric Flakes 50gr


Pet Turmeric Preventive Health- Sundried Flaked Turmeric, Sundried Ginger Root, Ground Coconut Meal and small amount of pepper.


Desinged as a pet previentive health measure, great for reversinga aging, staving off arthritis and general health and wellbeing.  Plus pets love the coconut meal giving a glossy shiny coat. 


Add 1/4  Tsp for small dog up to heaped Tsp for large dog, daily into wet food.   Approx 35 Tspns per 150 gram pack 

  • Designed as a preventive product for your pets use daily! Ideal to delay or reduce the signs of ageing, reduce inflammation, treat arthritis, aids digestive issues, reduces cataracts and a great for overall health and wellbeing supplement.  Pets love the taste, Happy, healthly Pets, Naturally! 

  • We ship Australia wide via Express post, tracking number.  Or Add to your order of Dr Teh's Turmeric Elixir.  

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