Products for the Whole Family!

“Turmeric Health Products for the Whole Family”

Dr Teh’s Turmeric Elixir

Designed as a daily preventive health measure, Cold Pressed so you get all the goodness made using whole root Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Honey and Black Pepper, 25ml 1-3 times a day!

All Australian Produce and Packaging!

250ml Dr Teh’s Elixir- 10 Doses

500ml Dr Teh’s Elixir- 20 Doses

1 Litre Dr Teh’s Elixir- 40 Doses

Can the human Elixir be used for Pets- In short no we don’t suggest using human Elixir for your pets.  With the pet products we have added omega 3,6,9 and reduced the levels of honey.  As Most animals don’t consume large amounts of honey, for this reason we have formulated a pet product low in honey and high in omega 3,6,9 to give your pets the best supplements all in one product

Dr Teh’s Pet Products-  Happy, Healthy Pets Naturally! 

Pet Turmeric Preventive Health- Sundried Flaked Turmeric, Sundried Ginger Root, Ground Coconut Meal and small amount of pepper.

Designed as a preventive product for you pets use daily! Ideal to delay or reduce the signs of ageing, reduce inflammation, treat arthritis, aids digestive issues, reverses cataracts and a great for overall wellbeing and health natural supplement.  Add 1/4 for small dog up to heaped Tspn for large dog into wet food.  Pets love the flavour, the coconut meal gives a lovely glossy shine to their coat and eyes.


Dr Teh’s Symptom Relief- Cold Pressed Whole Root Turmeric Juice, Whole Root Ginger Juice, Omega 3,6 and 9, Ceylon Cinnamon, small amount of Pepper and Cinnamon.

Designed for pets with serve illness, cancer, ageing,  severe skin conditions and inflammation conditions of any kind.  Liquid concentrate and super strong, pets need 0.5ml-1ml per 10kg administered via mouth daily.  Available in 50ml and 250ml Sizes. guaranteed to see results!