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Welcome to Dr Tehs

No Powders, No Isolates, No Curcumin Extracts, No Awful Taste. Just Cold Pressed, Whole Root Goodness, the way Nature intended.


Each litre contains 1Kg of Cold Pressed Whole Root Australian Produce.

What Makes Us Different


We take pride in sourcing only the best Australian produce from the Queensland and Northern Territory food basins.

100% Natural

Only whole food produce ends up in our elixir. No powders, no extracts and definitely no hidden nasties. 

Whole Root 

Containing only whole root produce, our elixir is the strongest whole root turmeric product on the market. Each litre contains 1kg of produce. 


Formulated by Dr Teh with the aim of maximising your health through natural, raw, whole food ingredients, our elixir has been designed to support your body's natural defence mechanisms with all ingredients scientifically proven to enhance your body's health and wellbeing.

Only 25ml a day is needed to reap all the benefits our elixir has to offer

A shot a day


Discover Our Vlog on Whole Plant Health 

Dr Teh is also an leading Australian pioneer and expert in the field of Medicinal Cannabis. Below is an informative video by Dr Teh about the endo-cannabinoid system. For more on medical consultation or clinical education, click the PlantMed icon or Phone 07 3193 9280

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